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Pride aside, this is probably the largest and most extensive site dedicated to Jaina Organa Solo, one of the fiendish and fiendishly grand she-heroes of the Star Wars Expanded Universe. Also includes the fanlisting. And making good with the program, what's the what and why?

I like Jaina because she's a pragmatic little bitch.

Don't get me wrong. The girl's hard-nosed, wondrously talented, and wielder of the ever brilliant ability to throw fans off with her all too frequent narrow-sighted drive. Not to mention those slick little vibes of ego and self, which I find just makes Jaina all that keener. She doesn't pull her punches, and though emotional trend sometimes fall dark, despairing or altogether blind, her emphatic core always makes way in the end. (A Jedi, by any other name.) She's a funny one and a smart cookie to boot. She's tough at fourteen, formidable at nineteen, and I like to laugh at everybody who thinks she can't pull through. I like the way she talks about the special spot inside herself that is only her twin's.

And you know what? She's probably the only Solo kid who will ever get laid. Sucks to be you, Jacen! WELL NOW. LOOKS LIKE CORUSCANT FINALLY MOVED FOR LITTLE JASA. On with the show, folks.


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