Zekk, who grows up into hot toast on legs. Girl, WHAT ARE YOU THINKING? Plot points, indeed. Zekk of the Undetermined Last Name is that best friend boy. Or was. Or something. He's a sharp witted survivor and now the poor boy left behind, when once upon a time he could claim the Jaina fame.

After freefalling Coruscanti undergrounds, he befriended the twins, but getting caught by the Shadow Academy gave him the craved push and pull, and along came the Dark Side. During the Second Imperium, he was tagged capitaine for a Force-trained attack against the Praxeum. But his good comes up clean, and Zekk made the save when lightsaber crossing Jaina, protecting her against a blast that took off the top of the Jedi Temple. Moral issues ensue, but there was a patch-up after some nearly teary bits during the harrowing Diversity Alliance events. Sadly, hug things and heartfelt glances does not a couple make.

Admirably principled and almost zealous against the Dark Side after his turn to the big bad, he watches with them puppy dog eyes as his happy-go-lucky girl builds edge upon edge of herself and their bond gets a beating. Zekk takes a break after realizing he couldn't stop Jaina even if he tried.

Lowbacca. There to keep you from shooting yourself in the face! Lowbacca is one of them loyal, amusingly vulgar Wookiee compatriots so well versed in the handling of piloting Solos. Nephew to one Chewbacca, he's had a first hand in loss since the days of young. The double death of one Raabakyysh hit him hard; she was thought lost to some savage denizen of Kashyyyk, and then bitterly reunited on opposing sides during the anti-human campaign of the Diversity Alliance. It was a one-liner parting as Raaba sought space for the mortally infected Alliance leader, not to be seen again. Here's looking at you, kid.

As days take a dark turn and the teenaged things go up-the-wall angsty, Lowie becomes the computer wily straight path; he's loyal to her like no other, and stands by her when everybody else seems to be completely freaked by her Sith Lightning ways. (Though, sadly, this does not always save her; some things just require a session of Imperial spit swapping.) Always wire-handy for the girl, they tinker their mad little schemes just like the golden days. Except with more bloody things, like amphistaffs through the shoulder. And let's not forget the mind wiping at Jaina's hand, back when she thought the ends justified any means. Oh, Lowie, the things you put up with!

Tenel Ka, who could kick your butt and eat you for breakfast. Tenel Ka packs a punch that could eat you for breakfast. Dathomiri warrior in leather green and ever stoically sound, the one-armed warrior girl grows up royal and now sits Queen of the Hapes Consortium. But back in the day, Tenel Ka romped with the best of them, and she and Jaina crewed the Hapan Rock Dragon to many a dash and flurry. A sucker for the Solo boy, she kept the face up and let Jacen cutely blunder in her general direction throughout the teenaged years. Through hot and cold and mortally awful jokes, a girl's love-in-check moved to emotional shatter when his post-Myrkr cutoff was mistaken for death. She and Jaina had a nasty clash, with the much loved boy amiss.

But a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do, and reunions are sided when a Queen leads her people to war. There is time taken out, though, as the newly crowned Queen gives the hug and warm witty word thing to Jaina.

Raynar Thul, meet your own personal trainer. Raynar Thul was the spoiled Alderaanian brat who died and got better. Rich like the something, he starts off as that awful little bugger you want to toilet dunk till the serious takes root and the Jedi comes front. Doubty bits first, but then he makes happy with the friendships abounding; stage right Lusa, the sweet little centaur girl. When the flight of father sends them searching, Raynar and gang make it to the end only to have face pressed against the glass as Bornan Thul dies disrupting the anti-human Nolaa Tarkona, who went just that tad too plague-happy.

Loosing Lusa to the voxyn sends the boy to cry, but he takes the Jedi stand and fights the last fight on the mission to Myrkr, which just pins another in Jaina's fall to the darker side of things. Word on the street is that he's back in the action, though!

Captain Cardboard at your service. *leeeeers* Jagged Fel, nephew to one Wedge Antilles; the tall, dark, and deadly was raised part of the Imperialistic Chiss society. Entered stage left as big man on the starfighting campus with a flaring, daring rescue plan, and decides that being big on the bitchy was a fantabulous way to get the girl. Men, please do not take note. (Or, actually, please do.)

Currently the reigning king of Jainadom, he snagged the special after a tearful confession of Jaina's fear that everyone was "going away" following Jag's little starfighting brush with death. Ever since that spit swapping session, their mutual snarky wit gives them a two-to-tango and their little going-on's are a good anchor, too; Jaina needs the emotional rock, when she's cutting ties in the face of death hanging just around the doorstep. Jag is good, Jag is grand, Jag gives her a hope and a helping hand.

But we know that all good things must end with the hush of falling snow.

Kyp. It's like a fish! Kyp Durron makes things go BOOM. Which is actually what Jaina used to want to do to his intestines, before the two-times-older-than-you deal is spaced and erased for mutual lash batting action. Then Kyp had to go and blow the cover that just maybe he was a pretty decent guy by acting like a complete and utterly manipulative dick. (We love Kyp hurrah!) He made little butterflies in her belly and gave his charm a nudge, but whatever little bits of caring he had were shadowed by Nefarious Planning which gave her too much of a push and shove: betrayal was a game played at her as Jaina realized he used her to destroy a Yuuzhan Vong worldship meant for civilians, instead of the superweapon she thought. There was much slapping of the boy, and a cry for the girl.

However, he had the morally doubtful trait Jaina needed to give the enemy the old heave-ho, and Kyp gave her a go as his Apprentice. But a butting of heads, Dark Siding and just plain venom spitting cancelled out that little call. Things got happier, though. Kyp is currently going all parental unit and sometimes second Jedi Master on Jaina, after he helped her back Into The Light. It was a mutual making good, as Jaina's flick to the Dark and back knocked sense into the Kypster's head as well.