Jacen Solo Jacen Solo is her twin and a part of her whole. A sensitive, rather quirky pacifist boy; manages to somehow walk the streets unjumped despite the fact that he's hot toast on legs. (Digressive fangirling, check.) Jacen possesses this uncanny empathy and a bond with animals from all walks of the world, not to mention the most deliciously dumb hoard of jokes this side of the moon that could make a TK cry.

Jacen grows up happy, but takes a hurting as the Yuuzhan Vong war takes a toll on his yet philosophically unsound Force ideals. He dithers, he wavers, he takes the harsh word from every Jedi who measures the good by action, and more so when the ever present arguments with Anakin are partially blamed for the younger brother's demise. Jaina lashes out, but looses him.

(He's the up and coming change in the Jedi way.)

But ever as their destinies sing a different song, the twins share this incontestable bond, a small space inside each another's self that is only for the other. (Break glass and pull lever in case of hand loss emergencies!) However, this can also be a less-than-good situation, as the safety of life and limb is sometimes dashed aside if one of them is in danger: after a brutal lesson plan by his very own personal teacher-student Vergere, Jacen skips a learned lesson or two, unknowingly sacrificing Vergere's life for a headstrong rush into Jaina saving.

In the big Vong final battle, though, he learns that letting Jaina do the Jaina thing is the only way to truly save her. Someone give the boy a cookie, squishy feelings! He is now currently being really, really creepy.

Han Solo Han Solo is the fatherly one, imparting both brash and dash to his daughter, as well as the mechanically minded trait and grand piloting skills. Jaina gets along with him pretty swell, considering she's already taken reign of the Millennium Falcon by the tender age of nine. But good with the bad, Jaina takes the tongue lashing cue from father; when Han goes all depressed and guilt trips Anakin, there's a repeat in the girl as she plays the resentment against Leia. But words are sorted through and through, and the family comes back the stronger.

Leia Organa Solo Leia Organa Solo bundles the best of heroine kind. Putting the distressing into damsel, she's all headstrong intelligence, served with the gentlest grace this side of the sky; Leia helps build a revolution and an era with smarts and style to spare. Though a picture of perfection to the younger Jaina, chiefing a galactic realm takes the toll, and resentment comes forefront as teenaged angsting makes its mark on Jaina. Words as weapons take the field, but the daughter pulls in her sense of self, and the bond is made good again.

Anakin Solo. Hot toast on legs! Literally. Anakin Solo is definition hero. The uncanny, mechanically gifted boy sent the twins off baffled, and the quiet brother's rarely spoken words were bits of funny and innocence seeming. He was the heart and whole for Tahiri, the little blonde best friend of his younger days. But his Force-like-a-hammer stance sent Jacen for a philosophical spin, which set a rift for the siblings all. A temporary mending on the mission to Myrkr was cut short, as Anakin set aside safety to save a hard-pressed Jaina. His eventual death drops big sister into an interlude with the Dark Side.

Mara Jade Skywalker, Ben Skywalker, Luke Skywalker The Skywalkers being of the aunt and uncle kind. Mara Jade Skywalker takes up the brief mantle as Jaina's Jedi Master, and she and the girl make a great way; there's that touch of trust in her piloting skills, as Jaina has the luck to take the Jade Sabre for oft a spin. However, circumstances lead to an almost auntly sacrifice, when one tricky little Yuuzhan Vong bugger causes a cave-in that traps the two in rather a perilous situation. Of course, radiant personalities always win the day.

However, it was Luke Skywalker who raised her to Jedi class at the Praxeum, where havoc ensues in all the glory of. The bratty Solo three loved like his own children, he ceremonied the twins to Knighthood, and Jaina takes the name Sword of the Jedi from a Force channeling uncle.