THE SWORD OF THE JEDI; are what these girls do. Are. Something. Cosplaying to some, just plain costuming to others, the neatness of getting up in Jedi gear abounds. The following costumers were all kinds of nice, sharing their Jaina Solo endeavours. Click on the thumbnails for larger images.

The first shot is of a Jenny from her younger days, as Jaina Solo from the Young Jedi Knights era. Trademark Solo smirk, check.

Shea, in her brilliant reconstruction of the guide's traditional Jedi garb and Leia-esque hair. And yes, that is her real hair! ♥ Also, for the sake of giggles, her boyfriend as Capta-- oh, I'm sorry, as Commander Cardboard.

Reiko dons some great Jedi garb, in which Jaina emulates Uncle Luke and goes for some sombre wear. (Sans Skywalker pelvic thrust, thank you.)

Victoria does both the hot hot tailored black, and that nice sleeveless Jedi garb from the Japanese cover. (Unlike the American cover, where Jaina wears a paper bag. I swear.)

More earthy toned ones are of Jessie, with traditional Jedi robes, and that infamous violet lightsaber.

Debuted at Celebration 3, the Jedi Strike Team was a group costume project that assembled the cast of Jedi sent on the mission to Myrkr in Troy Denning's Star by Star. Voxyn, Vong and Viqi Shesh, oh my~! Thanks to everybody who did the camerawork, and big thanks to Heather for being the head hobot. ♥

There's also the site for the Jedi Strike Team; in addition, Victoria's site has a wonderful breakdown of Jaina's various gear, amongst other Jaina related neatness.

Other costuming sites that may be of interest are The Big Yellow Box for lightsaber tutorials, and The Padawan's Guide for a detailed look at a good mnay costumes. And, of course, has a brilliant costume and props forum in which to get some advice, ask questions if need be, meet other costumers, and inevitably show-off. ♥