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LINKS THAT SHINE; the official Star Wars site, and The Completely Unofficial Star Wars Encyclopedia are three brilliant sites that go the rounds with all things good and sweet. Also there with the informative goods are for the toys and The Unofficial NJO Homepage for the things that are new Jedi orderly.

LINKS THAT COLLECT; a variety of galactically themed sites. Amongst them with its fun clique things and sundry Jedi of the male persuasion, as well as Smack My Wookiee Up which brings together all kinds of crazy. Am proud to be part of the latter! So check out them sites, stat.

LINKS THAT READ WELL; being all that is authorly and a bit on the bookish side as well. Michael A. Stackpole and Aaron Allston are to be gleed for many a wing, while both Del Rey Books and Dark Horse Comics have great information on the published themselves (including a timeline in the case of the former). A mention goes to Kevin J. Anderson & Rebecce Moesta as well, for that cute and amusingly teenaged series of theirs.

LINKS THAT SHRINE; in which I must profess adoration for both Viridity with its absolute Jacentricity and No Krakana! for the great godly bits that make up this wonderful site dedicated to Anakin Solo. Do notice my bias in such issues. There's also some major shrinage going on at Smack My Wookiee Up! so I'll just leave off with some favourites here:


No Krakana!

Kelly's Corran Horn Page

Through Her Skin

Jade Crusades

Jedi Aayla Secura

Pink Revovler

Dark Apprentice


Taanabian Darling

TK-421 Fan Club

LINKS THAT PAIR OFF THE SILLY BUGGERS; or, sites that celebrate the relationship of a given two. And just to be fair.

I Know (Han/Leia)
Under Control (Jacen/Tenel Ka)
Dhalbreth Square (Jaina/Zekk)
KAJSU (Jaina/Kyp)
Anakin And His Angel (Anakin/Padmé)

LINKS THAT DEFY; my redundantly mundane descriptions. Actually, there's also the chatty ones; just hover over the links for not quite helpful commentary. Go me!

Daddy's Little Girl
Mission To Myrkr
New Jedi Order Character Quiz
Amara's Cantina
Go Rogue!
The Roguery
LMS: Star Wars
Tie Fighter Hangar Bay
Jedi Broad Squad
Divas of the Force

Literature Forum
Jaina Solo Fan Club
Kriff This!

   Is the Great Flanneled One and his teamsters who brought us the GFFA in all its good and bad, where the good can be very, very good and the bad... well, you can feed Callista to the carnivorous sheep for that one. They brings the fish and we are happy. Hurrah!

   Big heartfelt somethings to the grandness in Aaron Allston and Michael Stackpole, because they both rock socks like the mad things they are. My other transport is an X-Wing! You can't look dignified if you're having fun! FACE WINS AT LIFE. Sorry. I had to do that. No, really, I did.

   (I also wish to love all over Troy Denning. Thank you!)

   The big dance of joy to Heather, Jen and Sarah, because we're all kinds of shiny. Lots of heart, my insane licentious pastries! Like, heaps. <3

   And again for being all twin brother happy and just a crazy talking thing, a big thanks to That Jacen Skank!, who might be more commonly known as Heather in the realm of breakfast foods.

   To all those who give the helping hand and the kind word and everything in between. KISSU.

THE OTHER SIDE OF THE SKY; shameless Sandman hussy that is me, the site's name was pulled from Neil Gaiman's brilliant work; references back to Jaina's starfighter standouts and the ambivalent nature of a cloudless day. Everybody wants to be a Jedi. I want to be a starfighter pilot. Okay, everybody and this girl want to be a Jedi, but... mmm. X-Wings are so hot.

WE BRING YOU; shrubbery! Really. This site was opened the 12th of January of the year 2003 after a little aside time in the Jaina fangirl world. But I got better, and the girl's been sited, and all was good with the good. I am hosted under the power of, which also has many other wondriferous sites that could knock the socks off of little cheese men. *mind whammy* VISIT YES.