THE LIVE ACTION; in which I tinker thespians around for a Jaina fit. (We all love the life casting thing, we do.) Please bear with me.

Eliza Dushku My big top on the Jaina spot for all her age, look and thespian merits: Eliza Dushku embodies the girl down to them smudgy eye bits. Role of notice being the Slayer gone Big Bad on the television series Buffy the Vampire Slayer, miss Dushku pulls off a spirited edgy and all the girly bits in between. All good with the good, might I add; if anything, she is Jaina on her Dark Journey binge and (almost) redemption. And with the plus of her action oriented talenting, Dushku could pack the punch in style.

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   she was born on Coruscant, nine years after A New Hope; she is 16 years at the beginning of the New Jedi Order

   her callsign Sticks comes from ribbing about her lightsaber, as well as her X-Wing stick control; given to her by the members of Rogue Squadron when she first joined

   the subsequent callsigns Goddess and Great One were implemented as a part of the Yun-Harla deception; "Great One" is also a well-used honorific amongst the Yuuzhan Vong

   she is associated with, and sometimes believed to be, Yun-Harla, the Trickster Goddess of the Yuuzhan Vong; Jacen starts out as being seen as Yun-Harla's twin Yun-Yammka, the Slayer

   her Yuuzhan Vong frigate is called Trickster, to further irritate the enemy

   she was first introduced in Timothy Zahn's The Last Command

   Zahn had an easier time finding the name Jacen, and finally decided upon Jaina to keep with the theme of name alliteration (Luke, Leia)

   she gave the nickname "ranges" to the gigantic Yuuzhan Vong creature known as rakamats

   her first position with Rogue Squadron was Rogue Eleven; her last position of command was leader of Twin Suns Squadron

   Twin Suns Squadron was a temporary squadron lead by Luke Skywalker, and named for Tatooine's two suns

   she is the one to propose the idea of detonating the proton torpedoes and concussion missiles right before contact, as to maximize the damage the dovin basals would have to absorb

   she also discovers that Yuuzhan Vong ships are recognized by their gravitic signature and puts that into use to deceive the enemy

   if in Balance Point she's been taller than Jacen for 2 years, it means he would've been shorter than 5 feet at that point (and would grow about a foot in just under 2 years); of course, it could just be that they forgot to change the twins' heights in the guidebook...

   her X-Wing is painted "a glossy white; on each flank was a picture of a running voxyn"; Jaina likes it for the ambiguity arising from the use of a Jedi slaughtering animal as symbol

   her first astromech droid was Sparky; her second, Cappie, was named after her deceased wingmate Anni Capstan

THE NAME GAME; as seen by the marginally talented. (That would be me.) Did a little quickpick study of the name Jaina, and came away with the following:

Jaina most strongly originates from the Hindi word jaina. This itself comes from the Sanskrit jina, which means "saint", more literally, "overcomer" (triumph). The base for this is ji ("to conquer") and jayati ("he conquers"). And so it happens that Jaina Solo is one big heap of victory in the up-and-already-came, being all hail worthy as a Rogue pilot and just another one of those pesky, pesky Jedi saviours. And maybe as destined, she will emerge triumphant as the Sword of the Jedi, in the end.

Of interest, Jainism is in itself a religion. It which follows a Spartan path as to renounce material comforts, worships a supreme being, and takes the faith of immortality and the passing of the soul to another body after death. One wonders if author Timothy Zahn was unknowingly foreshadowing the happenstances of the New Jedi Order.

Incidentally, Jaina can also be seen as a derivative of the name Joan, which is Hebrew for "God's Gracious Gift". Jagged nods fervently.