Tickling Sensation; anxiously awaiting news from the wounded Jaina and getting an emotional tickling instead
   But Not For Us; expect nothing less from a Solo when taking down the voxyn
   They Will Pay; a Raynar ripple in the Force trips Jaina to the vengeful side as Anakin does the worry thing
   You Left Him Behind; anguish plays the girl as she lashes out at twin and sundry strike teamers over Anakin's demise
   Don't Make Me Say It; another push and shove to the Dark as the strike team is forced to leave Jacen behind in enemy hands
   Hold That Thought; Ganner gets a cocky crash course in being a gunner on an enemy ship
   I'm The Other One; Han recognizes Jaina's mad thing flying, even piloting an enemy ship
   Conversational Skills; baiting the warmaster with a lack of social skills and non-lack of hands

[ Ticking Sensation ]

   A tickling sensation finally trust itself into the back of Jacen's mind.
   "It's Jaina," he confirmed.
   Han crossed his arms, frowning. "How is she?"
   Jacen examined the feeling. "Mad," he concluded.

Balance Point, by Kathy Tyers
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[ But Not For Us ]

   The Yuuzhan Vong glared down and, much to her surprise, smiled. "I see why the warmaster is so deteremined to destroy you Jeedai. Know that we are done playing, Jaina Solo. If you try anything now, the consequences will be fatal."
   "Perhaps." Jaina smiled back at him. "But not for us."

Star By Star, by Troy Denning
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[ They Will Pay ]

   "They'll pay. They will pay."
   "Then so will we," Anakin said. "We're here to destroy the queen, not take revenge."
   "Right. Revenge comes later."

Star By Star, by Troy Denning
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[ You Left Him Behind ]

   "We can't give up. We still need to destroy the queen."
   Jaina looked up, a faint spark of presence showing in her vacant eyes. "You left him to the Yuuzhan Vong."
   "We had to. They were all over him. You saw that."
   "He put you in charge, and you left him behind."
   "Jacen does not deserve your blame." Tenel Ka was sitting on the other side of the small room, her legs crossed beneath her and her posture as erect as ever. "Everyone heard the command, and we all know why he gave it. To disregard such an order would have been to dishonor Anakin's memory and dismiss his sacrifice."
   "Stay out of this, Tenel Ka," Jaina said. "You can't possibly know anything about it. You have the emotional depth of a ronto."

Star By Star, by Troy Denning
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[ Don't Make Me Say It ]

   "Jaina!" Zekk yelled.
   "Better for Jacen if we flee," Tenel Ka said. "With only one twin, perhaps they will delay the sacrifice until we can organize a rescue."
   What rescue? Jaina thought. They had lost so many Jedi already. Luke would risk no more to rescue Jacen. But he would not stop Jaina. Nobody would.
   "Jaina?" Zekk asked. "Your brother."
   Just do it, Jaina thought. Don't make me say it.
   "All right." Zekk turned the ship away. "I think I understand."
   "This one thinkz you do," Tesar said. "We all do."
   Not possible. She closed her eyes, concentrated on that place in her chest that had always belonged to Jacen. She felt him there, just a flicker for just an instant, and then she lost him, then she could feel nothing except her own anger and hatred and despair.

Star By Star, by Troy Denning
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[ Hold That Thought ]

   "Someone has to take my place as gunner," Jaina explained. "No time for a learning curve- better work with me until you get the feel of it. The seat's big enough for both of us."
   After a brief hesitation, Ganner slipped into the chair. Jaina quickly settled into his lap.
   He chuckled and linked his hands around her waist. "This could get to be a habit."
   "Hold that thought," Jaina told him as she sighted down an incoming skip. "It'll keep your hands busy."

Dark Journey, by Elaine Cunningham
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[ I'm The Other One ]

   "That's Jaina," Han said firmly. "Thousands of pilots can get from here to there in an X-wing, but how many could make a hunk of rock twirl like a Twi'lek dancing girl?"
   "Two," he started, answering his own question. "And I'm the other one."

Dark Journey, by Elaine Cunningham
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[ Conversational Skills ]

   “You will be sacrificed to the gods," the warmaster gritted out, "and then I will tear out your heart with my own hands.”
   “If you still have your hands, you’re probably not as far up the ladder as you wanted us to think. Put someone else on--someone with real authority and a few more replacement parts.”
   “With those words, you have earned yourself much pain.”
   “I take it the Vong don’t get promoted for their conversational skills.”

Dark Journey, by Elaine Cunningham
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