Biological Predisposition; Jaina, Jag and Kyp have a picnic to pick apart problems and get a little lushy on the side
   Your Words Thrill Me; the Goddess in action gets a smart-ass in her squadron
   I'm Not Mad; Ganner takes his hopes to Jaina, and meets a little Dark Siding instead
   Most People Do; a reunion victory for a goddess and the mere mortal Dathomiri queen
   The Sword of the Jedi; Luke hears voices in his head concerning destinies
   Mistake The Signs; emotional introspection with another girl's reflection
   There Has To Be A Way; not making the same mistake twice, now starring Tahiri

[ Biological Predisposition ]

   "Uhh... " Kyp struggled to come up with an answer, the right answer. "I also don't want to be in the way. In your way. Between you and, you know."
   Jag extended a hand. "Colonel Jagged Fel. Glad to meet you."
   "Shut up, you. Jaina, it's uncomfortable."
   "Yeah, I know. Jag and I are partners, too, and sometimes more besides, and you're here, and you were sort of chasing after me for a while, and it's got to be confusing. It is to me as well. Is it going to make you leave?"
   "It should."
   "Then you should leave now and stop wavering."
   Kyp stood. "You're right. I'm sorry I-"
   "Sit down!"
   Surprised at the strength in her voice, Kyp sat before her realized it. He gaped at her.
   "That's better," Jaina said. "Jag, why are males so stupid?"
   "Biological predisposition. Here's an example." Jag took another sip.

Enemy Lines II: Rebel Stand, by Aaron Allston
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[ Your Words Thrill Me ]

   "Time for a Goddess chase, don't you think, Sharr?"
   "Ooh, your words thrill me, Great One."
   "Don't be so thrilled if you screw up."
   "Ooh, your supportiveness thrills me-"
   "Get back to business, Sharr."

Enemy Lines II: Rebel Stand, by Aaron Allston
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[ I'm Not Mad ]

   "The Vong kept Jacen alive after they captured him. For a long time. They kept him alive so they could hurt him. I could feel it. I never even told Mom and Dad what they put him through. What happened to Anakin... that was better. That was clean. I felt Jacen die. In one instant, he was- he was just gone. Blasted out of existence like he'd never existed at all. I felt it. If he were alive, I wouldn't need you to come and tell me about it! I'd know! Don't talk to me about this- this garbage ever again. And don't talk to anyone else, either. Anyone. If I find out you've so much as looked in a mirror and told yourself, I will hurt you. I will teach you things about pain that no one should ever have to learn."
   "Hey, Jaina, it's okay," he'd said. "I won't tell anybody, I promise. Don't get mad-"
   "I'm not mad. You haven't seen me mad. You better hope you never do. Get out of my sight."

Traitor, by Matthew Stover
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[ Most People Do ]

   "Yes, Majesty," General Farlander said. "I'm relieved as well. I put this operation together in the absence of any instruction from my superiors and at the urging of one of my officers. Who- even though she is a goddess- is still rather junior."
   Tenel Ka gave Jaina an appraising look.
   "You can call me 'Great One'," Jaina said. "Most people do."

Destiny's Way, by Walter Jon Williams
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[ The Sword of the Jedi ]

   "I name you the Sword of the Jedi," he said. "You are like tempered steel, purposeful and razor-keen. Always you shall be in the front rank, a burning brand to your enemies, a brilliant fire to your friends. Yours is a restless life, and never shall you know peace, though you shall be blessed for the peace that you bring to others. Take comfort in the fact that, though you stand tall and alone, others take shelter in the shadow you cast."
   Luke fell silent, and for a long horrified moment he stared into Jaina's wide-eyed face.

Destiny's Way, by Walter Jon Williams
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[ Mistake The Signs ]

   She remembered that feeling from when Anakin had died; of there being nothing left to lose; of desperation; of despair. It was so easy to mistake the signs of self-destruction for battle scars.
   "What are you fighting for?" Jaina asked.

Force Heretic II: Refugee, by Sean Williams and Shane Dix
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[ There Has To Be A Way ]

   "Tahiri, you've got to get out of there!"
   "No, there has to be a way!"
   "There isn't! Now, move!"
   "I can do it, Jaina. I have to!"
   "Why? So you can die like Anakin?"

Force Heretic II: Refugee, by Sean Williams and Shane Dix
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