"Okay now?" she said.
   "Okay now," Jacen said. "Where are we?"
   "Remember what happened?"
   "We were playing with Chewie-"
   "- and then he jumped up-"
   "- and then he fell down-"
   "- and then I went to sleep."
   "Me too."
   "Skiff!" Anakin said. "Jaya forgot the skiff!"
   "What skiff?"
The Crystal Star

   Jacen fumbled in the front of his shirt.
   "What are you doing? Did something bite you?"
   "Bite me?" Jacen exclaimed.
   "Someday something will."
   "Nothing ever bites me!"

The Crystal Star

   The twins looked at the droid, and then at each other.
   "We're dead," Jacen announced.
   "We didn't mean to break anything," Jaina protested.
   "If we got in trouble for things we meant to do, we'd never get in trouble," her brother pointed out. "Well, hardly ever," he conceded after a moment.

Ambush At Corellia

   "Well, um, I gotta-"
   "And don't tell me it's the bathroom," Jacen said. "You just went."
   "Oh, yeah," said Anakin. "Well, um, I gotta get up and- and- find my bookchip. I need it to read."
   "Oh, brother," Jaina said. "How dumb does he think we are? Jacen, did we used to do this?"
   "We must have," Jacen said. "I just hope we were better at it."
   "Better at what?" Anakin demanded. "What?"
   "Being sneaky," Jaina said. "If you're going to tell a fib, at least think up the whole thing before you start. No one believes you when you stop halfway through like that. And besides, the bookchip is a really bad excuse. You can barely read yet."

Assault At Selonia

   "Look, Q9," Jacen said. "The one big question is- are we in trouble?"
   "In trouble for what?" the droid asked.
   "I don't know," Jacen replied. "If I knew, I wouldn't have to ask."
   "How can I tell you what you want to know when I don't know what it is?" Q9 asked.
   "But I want to know if you know what I don't," Jacen said.
   "But I can't know what that is if you don't tell me," Q9 replied.
   "Yes, but-"
   "Quiet!" Anakin shouted. "Too loud."
   "I'm with Anakin," Jaina said.

Assault At Selonia

[ Jacen to Jaina; it's quite obvious who is who with the bad joke telling ]

   "Come on, the survival rations aren't that bad."
   "They aren't that good, either. Especially the nine millionth time in a row. I think they call them survival rations because no one knows if you'll survive eating them."
   "Ha ha. Very funny. I think you've told me that joke nine million times- and it wasn't so good the first time."

Showdown At Centerpoint

   "Slow down a step. Learn. Give yourself a chance to learn."
   "It certainly gives me a place to focus." He sighed. "Now you're going to tell me that you knew all this stuff because girls mature faster than boys."
   "Women, Jacen, women mature faster than boys." She tried to maintain a stern expression on her face, but it cracked quickly.

Dark Tide II: Ruin

   Jaina gripped her spoon halfway up the handle and got a bite into her mouth.
   "Bland," she said, "but not bad. I'm sorry I was lousy company last night."
   "This can't be real easy for you."
   "Always understanding everybody's point of view, that's my little brother."
   He smiled wryly. For about two years, she had been taller.

Balance Point

   Jaina pointed down at the platform. He could plainly see the green and amethyst spark and flash of lightsabers engaging. "See that?" she demanded. "That's going on in your honor- a distraction, so I can get you out. We're headed back down to Gateway."
   "Is it necessary? I'm waiting to talk to the Vice-Director-"
   "Are you even marginally aware of what's going on around you?"
   "How about you? How's the vision coming back?"
   "Well, for one thing, I'd forgotten how big your nose and chin are getting."

Balance Point

   "What's going to happen is another invasion, Jacen. And you're coming with me, whether you want to or not." She flipped back her vest and laid one hand on a holstered blaster.
   Startled, he sat down on the bed. "You'd make me come with you?"
   Jaina drew the blaster, and he saw that she'd set it for stun. "You may want to set yourself up as a tragic hero," she said, "but it isn't going to happen. Yes, idiot brother, I would make you come."

Balance Point

   Family was another thing that Jacen had surrendered to the Yuuzhan Vong. The sensation of finding his twin again took his breath away.
   When he found it he looked at the insignia on Jaina's coveralls. "You're a major now?"
   "I'm better than that, I'm a holovid star. Not to mention a goddess."

Destiny's Way

   "It's life, Jaina," Jacen said. "The Force is life."
   "Life isn't what I do anymore," she said. "What I do is death. I kill, and I try not to get killed myself. Anything else-" She waved a hand. "-is a luxury."
   "Every second I spend floating around the ocean, I'm getting weaker and the Vong are getting stronger. So what I'm going to do-" She opened the door. "-is take a shower, get into my uniform, and go to headquarters to see if Admiral Sovv has a message for me. And if he doesn't, I'm going to find some pilots and talk tactics, so maybe I can learn a trick or two that will keep my squadron alive through another fight. I'll see you later, maybe."
   "It's all about balance, Jaina," Jacen said, but she was gone and the refresher door shut behind her.

Destiny's Way

   "I hope you find what you're looking for," Jaina said, intruding upon his thoughts.
   "I'm sure we will," Jacen said. "All available data suggest that the Unknown Regions are where-"
   "I meant in your heart, brother."
   His smile came easier this time. "I won't come back until I do."
   "Is that a promise, Jacen? Or a prophecy?"
   "Perhaps it's a little of both."
   She embraced him, then, tightly and warmly. "Just make sure you do come back, okay?" she whispered close to his ear.

Force Heretic I: Remnant

   "You wouldn't let me help you," she said.
   Jacen comforted her with a smile. "I needed you to help yourself."

The Unifying Force