"I've come at a bad time."
   "That depends. If you're interested in having a shower, you're in luck. There's one on this ship and I just figured out how to start it."
   Her brown eyes raked over him. "On second thought, the last thing you need is more spit and polish. And when I say 'spit', you have no idea how literally I'm speaking."
Dark Journey

   "How did an Alderaanian princess end up with such a daughter?"
   "Do you want the short answer, or do you need someone to explain the details to you with charts and diagrams?"
   Spots of colour appeared high on his cheeks. "That's not what I meant, as I'm sure you know."
   His discomfort was oddly satisfying.

Dark Journey

   "Assuming you're right, I get the impression that Kyp is not the only one playing some sort of game."
   "And winning," she added smugly.
   "Since that perception gives you such apparent satisfaction, I hope the rules of engagement can be modified for solitaire." He executed a deep and extremely formal bow and strode off.
   To her surprise, Jaina realized she was grinning like a well-fed Hutt. Baiting the Chiss commander was the first truly enjoyable thing she had experienced in a long time. Watching his retreat was satisfying, for more reasons than one. Jag Fel was one of those people who looked good from every angle.

Dark Journey

   "I... I... Everyone is going away. They keep going away and I can't stop it. I didn't want you to go away."
   "I won't go anywhere," he said.
   "Why what?"
   "Why won't you go anywhere?"
   "Because I don't want to."

Enemy Lines I: Rebel Dream

   Then there was a loud bang and a curt laugh from Jag. "A tree just took some laserfire from one of us."
   "Try not to get hit with your shields down, dummy."
   "Good advice, that. I'd never considered it before."

Enemy Lines I: Rebel Dream

   "You're a better pilot than any of them. And you're even prettier than Colonel Darklighter of the Rogues."
   She thumped his chest.
   "All right, you're prettier than Captain Reth with the Blackmoons."
   She thumped him harder.
   "Prettier than Wes Janson with the Yellow Aces?"
   "I'm going to break a bone you'll need later."

Enemy Lines II: Rebel Stand

   The training mat took the bulk of the impact. "Nice move," he said. "For a scruffy rebel, anyway."

[Jaina and Jagged continue to duke it out until Jaina counters with a kick to the chest which leaves Jagged whining. Ha.]

   "Sith spawn, Jaina! That hurt."
   "It serves you right. My dad always said you should never let someone get away with calling you 'scruffy'. Besides, I thought the Chiss never attacked first."
   "Yeah, well, you insulted my father."
   "I also thought they didn't let their hearts rule their heads during combat."
   "That was for using the Force during an unarmed sparring match-"
   "But I haven't used it yet."
   "I could tell you were about to, though."
   "Really? Then you must have the Force, too, my friend."

Force Heretic I: Remnant

   "I'm acting like a child, aren't I?"
   "Actually, you're acting like Jaina Solo- and that's nothing to be ashamed of, I assure you."
   She laughed softly. "Thanks, Jag."

Force Heretic I: Remnant

[after Jagged informs her that he's been appointed as a liason]

   "You-- a diplomat?"
   "I can be very diplomatic when I need to be."
   "Oh, I know that, all right. But--"
   "Just think about it: the two of us rendezvouing on fabulous worlds, from one side of the galaxy to the other."
   "You know, that doesn't sound half bad."
   "I'll work hard at making our encounters nothing short of wonderful."
   "Maybe there is a touch of scoundrel in you, after all."
   They kissed passionately, while the snow continued to fall.

The Unifying Force