"So what do you think the tutor's going to teach us? I mean, besides how to run the universe."
Ambush At Corellia;
when Jacen pokes fun at their heritage

"Always wanted to know how a lightsaber worked. Can I take yours apart, Uncle Luke?"

Young Jedi Knights: Lightsabers

"This is one creature you're not taking home as a pet, Jacen."

Young Jedi Knights: Diversity Alliance;
as Jace thinks alternatives in the face of a huge drooling maw

"How's this for a system malfunction?"

Young Jedi Knights: Diversity Alliance;
impaling a droid on her lightsaber

"With my parents I could be a smuggler who saved the galaxy or a diplomat who saved the galaxy."

Dark Tide I: Onslaught

"Even being a Jedi is something where you look for more. At first you acted as if Jedi was synonymous with hero. It isn't. Being a hero isn't what all these folks are here to do. They're here to do their jobs."

Dark Tide II: Ruin;
spoken to Jacen

"In the military, Jacen, familiarity flows downhill, not up."

Dark Tide II: Ruin

“We saw what Yuuzhan Vong promises meant on Duro. Don’t cooperate with them and they mow you down. If you do cooperate with them, they mow you down, laughing about how stupid you’ve been.”

Balance Point

“Chief Fey’lya, you are a poor excuse for a sentient being. I hope one day you will really smell the stink in your heart and choke on the fumes.”

Balance Point

"There's a sedative in that drip. Otherwise she'd roll down, crawl to the quad guns, and bleed to death." In her voice, Jacen heard heartfelt respect.

Balance Point;
about the heavily wounded Leia

“Stay out of this, Tenal Ka. You can’t possibly know anything about it. You have the emotional depth of a ronto.”

Star By Star;
during the argument on the retrieval of Anakin's body

She went deep within, frantically seeking the place within her that had always been Jacen's. That, too, was veiled.

Dark Journey;
after the loss of Jacen

"Let's get this over with now, so we aren't tempted to break up into discussion groups during the next crisis."

Dark Journey;
confronting Zekk after the Myrkr mission

"Hurling black lightning is one thing, but quoting Kyp Durron puts me lower than I ever expected to get."

Dark Journey

“If I start feeling the urge to tattoo my face, I’ll be sure to let you know.”

Dark Journey

"I don't believe we finally got this Sith-spawned monstrosity to sit up and say hello."

Dark Journey

"Serenity," she whispered. "The way of the Jedi is serenity."

Enemy Lines I: Rebel Dream

"Don't tell me the odds," she said, her voice nearly a whisper.

Enemy Lines I: Rebel Dream;
returning against orders to a seemingly hopeless fight to rescue Jag

“That’s ridiculous. I haven’t started calling her ‘Leia’ or ‘Hey, you,’ or ‘What’s-your-name, Han’s wife.’”

Enemy Lines I: Rebel Dream;
after Tahiri tells her she's avoiding her mother

"I'm not afraid of dying. I'm afraid of surviving... and getting to the end of the war and discovering that I'm all alone. That everyone I knew and cared for is gone."

Enemy Lines I: Rebel Dream

"I've got to go. Reports to write. Goddess stuff to do."

Enemy Lines I: Rebel Dream

"Arrogant little monkey-lizard."

Enemy Lines II: Rebel Stand;
being flirted at by Wes Janson

"We don't need hope. We need more ships. We need better weapons. And we need Jedi. We need to keep on fighting. We don't need you wasting everybody's time on fantasies."

after Ganner told her his hopes about Jacen being alive

No questions. Everyone in her squadron, she thought, was either very smart or very stupid. Jaina knew which way she wanted to bet.

Destiny's Way

"I thought you were dead. You and Anakin both. It didn't matter to me how many others were sent to join you. I was ready to go myself."

Destiny's Way;
facing certain truths with Jacen

"Please don't threaten me. I really don't take too kindly to things like that."

Force Heretic II: Refugee

"I know what a lot of things feel like. And you know what? I'm still fighting. I'm going to keep fighting until there isn't a single threat left in this galaxy. You think you're the only person who has lost something in this war? Grow up, Lensi."

The Final Prophecy

"Nice to see that everyone is so comfortable with deciding my destiny."

The Unifying Force;
as the council shuffles her around