"I took the liberty of refuelling your X-wing and giving it the once-over. I'm afraid there's no time for you to give it personal inspection. We've gotta haul jets."
   "Okay," Jaina said, "but if I flame out from a cracked nacelle, I'm holding you responsible."
   "Don't worry. I prefer my friends uncooked. Especially the more attractive ones."
   "Boy, you've been practicing that flattery stuff, haven't you?" Jaina shot back. "I've already agreed to help you. No need to pour frill syrup on the honeycrust."
   "I wasn't," he replied, smiling that annoying smile again.
Edge of Victory II: Rebirth

   "No, not okay. I'm still not happy with you, Kyp. I don't think I like who you've become."
   "I've become what I need to be. What your uncle Luke was in the war against the Empire."
   "Boy, you must love your mirror."

Edge of Victory II: Rebirth

   She wanted Jacen, and Anakin, and her mother and father. She wanted to hear C-3PO going on inanely, and she wanted to see Aunt Mara, to find out what was wrong with her.
   What she got instead was Kyp Durron, climbing out of his starfighter, a grin smearing across his face as he walked toward her.
   In a way, he would do.
   She watched him come, with that stupid smile, until he was close enough. Then she slapped him, hard.
   His smile faded, but otherwise he didn't react.
   "You knew," she said. "You knew, and you lied, and you made me a part of it."

Edge of Victory II: Rebirth

   "There's more to this universe than Jaina Solo, believe it or not. I'm sorry you feel used, and I wish I hadn't had to lie to you. But I did have to. You wouldn't have helped me otherwise."
   "And I'll never help you again," Jaina said. "You can count on it. If you were dying of thirst on Tatooine, I wouldn't even spit on you." And with that she left, found the stateroom she had been assigned, turned out the lights, and wept.

Edge of Victory II: Rebirth

   "Getting out will be easier. You'll be with me."
   "I don't think so," she said coolly.
   "Think again. I'm here to take you to your brother's funeral."
   "You're going to 'take me'? You and what Sith Lord?"
   He stabbed a finger at her in a gesture that reminded her a little too much of her father in a parental snit. "Don't challenge me, Jaina."
   "Give me one good reason."
   His eyes raked over her, and the expression in them dispelled any fatherly comparisons. "You couldn't channel the Force wearing that dress. There isn't enough room in there for it to squeeze through."

Dark Journey

   Jaina found Kyp Durron in the pilot's mess, chewing without enthusiasm on a reconstituted, freeze-dried iagoin steak that may have been in a storage locker since the days of Empress Teta. "Great One, please exercise your godly powers and summon real food. We're orbiting six hundred kilometers above the greenest planet in the New Republic, and the mess can't seem to find any fresh vegetables." He paused, then looked at her in surprise. "What's wrong, Sticks?"
   "Jacen's alive. He's on Mon Calamari with Uncle Luke and Mara."
   "Wonderful! Get yourself a plate of rehydrated salthia bean paste, and we'll have a feast and celebrate!"

Destiny's Way